Debris-covered glaciers session at EGU 2021 - still time to submit!

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Debris-covered glaciers session at EGU 2021 - still time to submit!

Adina Racoviteanu-2

To all of you studying debris covered glaciers, the debris-covered glacier session is happening again at the EGU General Assembly 2021 online between 19 and 30 April 2021:
Last year's virtual session was highly interactive and interesting so we are looking forward to another one. There is still time to submit an abstract if you haven't done so! 

Deadline is Jan 13th, 13:00 CET, and the abstract can be updated until Jan 15th.

CR6.2 Evolution of debris covered glacier land systems
Co-organized by GM7
Convener: Josephine HornseyECS Co-conveners: Mohan Bahadur ChandECS, Evan MilesECS, Adina Racoviteanu
The multifaceted influence of rocky debris on glacier systems has been increasingly recognized as having an important influence on long-term glacier and landscape evolution. The focus of this session is to exchange and discuss the latest understanding of the dynamics of debris within glacier systems, and the role of debris-covered glaciers in landscape evolution. We solicit contributions from all career stages pertaining to the debris-covered glacier system and its interaction with the atmosphere and climate, ice melt patterns and runoff, and ice dynamics and landscape evolution. We seek a broad range of topics related to debris supply (e.g. headwall erosion and avalanching), transport (englacial and supraglacial), and export from glaciers within the broader context of the mountain land system. We additionally welcome contributions examining debris cover development, how glacier processes are influenced by debris, and how debris-covered glaciers interact with the wider land system, for example in terms of geohazards, erosion, sediment transport and deposition, debris-covered glacier/rock glacier interactions, water resource management, and paraglacial change within alpine settings.

We would be excited to include the full range of methods, established and novel, used to investigate these systems, including remote sensing, numerical modelling, field observations and more! We also welcome contributions related to the standardisation of methodologies with the aim of coordinating efforts and advancing the current understanding of debris covered glacier land systems. The session is closely aligned with the goals of the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) and International Permafrost Association (IPA) working group on Debris Covered Glaciers, which is open to membership and new contributions to anyone.

we hope to see you online,

Jo, Mohan, Evan and Adina

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