Dust, BC, and other Aerosols in the Cryosphere

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Dust, BC, and other Aerosols in the Cryosphere

McKenzie Skiles
Dear Colleagues,

If your research involves light absorbing particles- dust, black carbon, brown carbon, or perhaps the currently ever so fashionable algae- in snow or ice, it is your lucky day! We have an AGU session just for you. If you were waiting for the session to come to you on Cryolist, we did not want to disappoint. We have always been committed to diversity in our session, and particularly welcome student abstracts. 

We are excited to welcome our invited authors for the session, Inka Koch (ICIMOD) and Sonia Nagorski (University of Alaska Southeast).

Session Description
Observation and modeling efforts have established the powerful regional impact on snow and ice cover from the deposition of light absorbing aerosols, such as mineral dust, carbonaceous particles, and biological constituents.  The subsequent darkening of the snow surface and initiation of snow albedo feedbacks has implications for the global climate and water cycle. This session will focus on observations and modeling of the past, present, and future impacts of mineral dust, carbonaceous particles, biological constituents, and other aerosols on snow and ice cover including transport and deposition processes, optical properties, impacts to albedo and snowmelt, glacier/ice sheet mass balance, and atmospheric heating.

Cheers from the conveners,
McKenzie Skiles, Thomas Painter, Susan Kaspari, and Alia Kahn

S. McKenzie Skiles, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
University of Utah

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