ECR conference on sea-level change (past and future)

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ECR conference on sea-level change (past and future)

Aimée Slangen
Dear colleagues,

This summer, we are organising a joint INQUA-PAGES conference for early career researchers (PhD degree in or after 2010):
“Impacts of sea-level rise from past to present (iSLR18).
The conference will take place in Utrecht (Netherlands) from 26-29 August 2018.

This conference aims to facilitate scientific exchange between early-career researchers from a broad range of disciplines working with sea-level change. The conference will include two days of oral and poster presentations by ECRs, inspiring keynote lectures, a one-day field trip to the Rhine delta and Holland coastal plain with conference dinner, and a public ‘Science and Society’ evening event. There are four sessions: past sea-level changes; submerged landscapes; recent and future sea-level changes; and mitigation, adaptation and coastal impacts.

Abstract submission and grant request is now open until the 16th of March. For more information and abstract submission, please see

We hope to see many of you this summer!

Dr. Aimee Slangen (NIOZ)
Dr. Kay Koster (TNO)
Dr. Robert Barnett (Univ. of Exeter; PALSEA; PAGES)
Dr. Xavier Benito (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln; PAGES)
Dr. Bas de Boer (IMAU; Utrecht University)
EG. Eduardo Alarcón (Central Univ. of Venezuela; INQUA)
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