EGU 2011 session: State of the cryosphere

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EGU 2011 session: State of the cryosphere

JL Bamber
Dear colleague,

We would like to draw your attention to the session CR1.6 that will take place during the next EGU meeting in Vienna (03-08 April 2011).

CR1.6 State of the cryopshere: observations and modelling
The cryosphere comprises elements of the climate system that have response times of days to millennia. Despite this, all components, even the largest and most sluggish, are showing signs of dramatic changes due to climatic forcing. This session aims to present the latest results of changes in the cryosphere from satellite, and terrestrial observations and modelling studies investigating the origin and explanation for these changes. We also welcome submissions that elucidate the possible future response of the cryosphere to climate change over the next few tens to hundreds of years.

More details at:

Abstract deadline 10th Jan.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vienna,

Jonathan Bamber
Peter Lemke
Frank Pattyn
Stephan Gruber
Michiel van den Broeke

Prof. J.L. Bamber                       tel: 44-(0)117-331-4129
Bristol Glaciology Centre,              fax: 44-(0)117-928-7878
School of Geographical Sciences,        email: [hidden email]
University of Bristol,
University Road,
Bristol, BS8 1SS, UK.


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