EGU 2012 Sea Ice and Sea Ice-Climate Interactions, deadlines: 15 Dec, 17 Jan

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EGU 2012 Sea Ice and Sea Ice-Climate Interactions, deadlines: 15 Dec, 17 Jan

Daniel Feltham
European Geosciences Union, Vienna,  22-27 April 2012

Deadline for abstract submission: 17 January 2012
Deadline for support applications: 15 December 2011

CR9.10 Sea Ice and Sea Ice-Climate Interactions

Convener: D. Feltham
Co-Conveners: C. Postlethwaite , D. Flocco

In 2011 the summer sea ice extent was the second lowest in satelite history, almost matching the lowest in 2007. Although the amount of young multiyear ice has increased somewhat in the last couple of years, the amount of thick multiyear ice has continued to decline. Some climate models predict that summer Arctic sea ice might altogether disappear in about 30 or 40 years. While the effects of a shrinking sea ice cover on global climate, ocean circulation and marine biology are expected to be significant, they are difficult to evaluate because of our incomplete understanding of the polar climate components and our limited ability to model them. 

The scientific community is investing considerable effort in organising our current knowledge of the physical and biogeochemical properties of sea ice, exploring poorly understood sea ice processes, and forecasting future changes of the sea ice cover.

In this session, we invite contributions regarding all aspects of sea ice science and sea ice-climate interactions. Oral presentations and posters on snow and sea ice thermodynamics and dynamics, sea ice-atmosphere and sea ice-ocean interactions, sea ice biological and chemical processes, and sea ice models will be welcome.

Warm regards,
Danny Feltham
Clare Postlethwaite
Daniela Flocco

Dr. Daniel Feltham
Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling,
University College London,
Gower Street,
London WC1H 0LR, UK
e-mail: [hidden email]
tel: (0)20 7679 3017

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