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EGU 2012 methane session

Michael Bock
Dear all, especially those interested in methane,

Please find below information about our session on the biogeochemistry of methane at the EGU 2012 in Vienna: 22.-27.04.2012.
The deadline for abstract submission is on 17 January 2012.

- New insights into the global CH4 cycle on any timescale
- Paleo records from ice cores including high resolution records (lasers) and stable isotope records over any timescale.
- Global modeling efforts involving GCM coupled vegetation emissions
- Recent work to close the anthropogenic budget.

We are happy to present the following invited speakers:

Jérôme Chappellaz (LGGE, laser based CH4 from ice cores)
Sander Houweling (IMAU, Satellite inversion of global emissions)
James Levine  (BAS, Atmos. chemistry modeling and paleo CH4)

Best regards
Todd Sowers, Joy Singarayer, Michael Bock

Abstracts Deadline: 17 January 2012

EGU: 22.-27.04.2012

Biogeochemistry of Atmospheric Methane: Isotopes to Models

Convener: T. Sowers
Co-Conveners: M. Bock , J. Singarayer

The current build-up of atmospheric methane in the atmosphere and the
implications as a "greenhouse" gas require an improved understanding
of the processes which control the loading in the past, present and
the future. Paleoatmospheric records suggest wetland emissions are a
primary driver but the latitudinal distribution and ties to the global
hydrologic cycle have yet to be worked out satisfactorily. New
paleoisotope data and GCM simulations involving coupled vegetation
models are providing critical boundary conditions for assessing the
interrelationship between atmospheric methane levels and climate.
We solicit new records of atmospheric methane (high resolution paleo
data, interhemispheric gradient, isotopes), digital vegetation
modeling results, and new ideas that provide insight into methane

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