EGU 2018 Boundary Layers in High Latitudes session

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EGU 2018 Boundary Layers in High Latitudes session

Christopher Cox - NOAA Affiliate
When: April 8-13, 2018

Where: Vienna, Austria

More information:

Session ID: AS2.3/CR8.2/OS1.17/SSS13.1

Conveners: Günther Heinemann, Thorsten Bartels-Rausch, Christopher Cox, Anna Jones, William Neff, Thomas Spengler, Argentini Stefania, Jennie L. Thomas, Michael Tjernström 


This session is intended to provide an interdisciplinary forum to bring together researchers working in the area of boundary layer processes and high-latitude weather and climate (including snow physics, air/snow chemistry, and oceanography). Cryosphere and Atmospheric Chemistry (the focus of the emerging IGAC activity “CATCH”) processes are highly relevant to this session. We invite contributions e.g. in the following areas: 

1. Observations and research on the energy balance, physical and chemical exchange processes, and atmosphere-ocean-ice (AOI) interactions including particle sources.
2. Results from high-elevation sites where similar processes occur over snow and ice.
3. Field programs, laboratory studies and observational studies (including remote sensing).
4. Model studies and reanalyses.
5. Advances in observing technology.
6. External controls on the boundary layer such as clouds, aerosols, radiation.
7. Teleconnections between the polar regions and mid-latitudes resulting in effects related to atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions as well as insights provided by monitoring of water vapor isotopes that shed light on air mass origins.

Abstract Deadline: January 10, 2018

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