EGU 2018 - Polar continental margins and fjords - REMINDER

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EGU 2018 - Polar continental margins and fjords - REMINDER

Hogan, Kelly A.

Dear colleagues,


A friendly reminder to consider submitting an abstract to our “bi-polar” session at EGU 2018 (8-13 April, Vienna, Austria): Polar continental margins and fjords - climate, oceanography, tectonics and geohazards (CL1.33).


Full details of the session and our two excellent keynote speakers can be found here:


The abstract submission deadline is **10 January 2018, 13:00 CET**.


Best wishes for 2018!


Kelly Hogan, Matthias Forwick, Jan Sverre Laberg, Berit Oline Hjelstuen, Michele Rebesco, Christian Hass, Gerhard Kuhn

CL1.33 Session Conveners



Dr. Kelly Hogan

Marine Geophysicist


British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1223 221617 | Email: [hidden email]

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