EGU 2018 session on the Antarctic Ice Sheet and global sea level

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EGU 2018 session on the Antarctic Ice Sheet and global sea level

Steven J Phipps
Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to EGU 2018 session CR1.6: “The
Antarctic Ice Sheet: past, present and future contributions towards global
sea level”.


The largest single source of uncertainty in projections of future global
sea level is associated with the mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
(AIS). In the short-term, it cannot be stated with certainty whether the
mass balance of the AIS is positive or negative; in the long-term, the
possibility exists that melting of the coastal shelves around Antarctica
will lead to an irreversible commitment to ongoing sea level rise.
Observational and paleoclimate studies can help to reduce this
uncertainty, constraining the parameterizations of physical processes
within ice sheet models and allowing for improved projections of future
global sea level rise. This session welcomes presentations covering all
aspects of observation, paleoclimate reconstruction and modeling of the
AIS. Presentations that focus on the mass balance of the AIS and its
contribution towards changes in global sea level are particularly

Abstract submissions are open until 10 January 2018:

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!

Steven Phipps, Christopher Fogwill and Felicity Graham

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