EGU 2019 Southern Ocean session on ice-ocean interaction

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EGU 2019 Southern Ocean session on ice-ocean interaction

Torge Martin
Dear high latitude Southern Ocean and ice enthusiasts,

EGU 2019 (Vienna, 7-12 April 2019) abstract submission deadline is soon after the holidays: 10 January 2019, 13:00 CET

Please consider submitting your exciting work on Antarctic ice-ocean interaction and shelf sea processes to

OS1.6/CR6.2 "Under cover: The Southern Ocean’s connection to sea ice and ice shelves"

Abstract submission:

In recent years the interaction between the ocean and the cryosphere in the marginal seas of the Southern Ocean has become a major focus in climate research. Questions such as "Why does Antarctic sea ice not decline?", "What controls the inflow of warm water into ice shelf cavities?", and "How does this affect ice sheet stability and sea level?" have attracted scientific and public attention. Recent advances in observational technology, data coverage, and modeling provide scientists with new opportunities to understand the mechanisms involving ice-ocean interaction in the far South much better. Processes on the Antarctic continental shelf have been identified as missing links between the cryosphere and the deep open ocean that need to be captured in large-scale and global model simulations. This session calls for studies of the Southern Ocean's marginal seas including the Antarctic continental shelf and ice shelf cavities. Physical and biogeochemical interactions between ice shelves, sea ice and the open ocean are of major interest, as are consequences for the greater Antarctic climate system. This includes work on all scales, from local to basin-scale to circumpolar. Studies based on in-situ observations and remote sensing as well as regional to global models are welcome. We particularly invite cross-disciplinary topics involving physical and biological oceanography, glaciology or biogeochemistry.

Hope to see you in Vienna!

Your convener team:
Torge Martin, Xylar Asay-Davis, Nadine Steiger, Ralph Timmermann

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