EGU Cryosphere Division - ECS and Social Events at the EGU 2018

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EGU Cryosphere Division - ECS and Social Events at the EGU 2018

Emma Smith
Dear all,

If you are going to the EGU General Assembly in two weeks take a look at some of the actives the EGU Crysophere Division is involved in organising, with our “Guide to Navigating EGU 2018”. Summary of events is also below!
**** Social Events ****

**Pre-Icebreaker Meet Up:  Sunday 8 Apr, from 16:00-18:00 at Cafe Merkur. Come and meet up with some friendly Cry-faces for a cake and a chat, before we head to the main conference icebreaker together.

**Cryo and Polar Night Out (with APECS): Wednesday evening 11 April from 19:30 in Zwölf-Apostelkeller. Please sign up on the Doodle pole here ( so we have an idea of numbers.

Up-to-date details of all our social events can be found on the EGU CR Facebook page:

**** Short Courses ****
**Polar Science Career Panel (EGU Cryosphere and APECS): Tuesday 10 Apr, 12:15–13:15 / Room -2.85
**Help! I am presenting at a scientific conference: Monday 09 Apr, 13:30–15:00 / Room -2.16
**Communicating Geoscience to the media: Tuesday 10 Apr, 15:30–17:00 / Room -2.31

See you soon in Vienna!

Emma Smith 

Early Career Scientist Representative for the EGU Cryosphere Division

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