EGU: Deep ocean, climate and cryosphere

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EGU: Deep ocean, climate and cryosphere

Céline Heuzé

Dear colleagues,

Join our new EGU session “Deep and bottom waters in the global ocean”, co-organised:

OS1.8: Where are these deep waters? How do they form? Where do they go? How do they interact and mix with the rest of the global ocean?

CL2.13: What is the role of deep waters in the climate system? How much steric sea level rise are their changes causing? How much carbon/heat do they store? How are they ventilating the oceans?

CR6.3: Atlantic Water in the Arctic, Circumpolar Deep Water in the Southern Ocean; how do they interact with the cryosphere? How much melting do they cause? How are they modified by the cryosphere, on a large scale?


More information and submission here.  Deadline this Wednesday!

Feel free to forward to anyone who may be interested, especially students and early career researchers.

See you at EGU!



Dr Céline Heuzé
VINNOVA Marie Curie research fellow
Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg
Box 461, 405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

Email: [hidden email]


Twitter: @ClnHz

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