EGU Medal Nomination 2011: Deadline is June 15

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EGU Medal Nomination 2011: Deadline is June 15

Gudmundsson, Hilmar
Dear members of the cryolist

The EGU Division on Cryospheric Sciences gives two awards each year:

-The Louis Agassiz Medal is reserved for individuals in recognition of their outstanding scientific contribution to the study of the cryosphere on Earth or elsewhere in the solar system.

-The Division Outstanding Young Scientist Award recognizes scientific achievements in the field covered by the cryospheric division, made by a young scientist.

Please not that he deadline for nominating candidates for both of these awards is 15th of June.

Detailed information on proposal and submission can be found at


G. Hilmar Gudmundsson
President of the EGU Division on Cryospheric Sciences

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