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David H. Roberts



We would like to draw to your attention the following session at EGU 2013.



Dave Roberts




Investigating the evolution and dynamic behaviour of the Greenland Ice Sheet beyond the instrumental record


Convener: David Roberts 

Co-Conveners: Brice Rea  , Darrel Swift


Abstract Submission

The Greenland Ice Sheet is undergoing rapid change with recent short-term, outlet margin fluctuations being linked to air and ocean temperature forcing [Holland et al., 2008; Joughin et al., 2010; Straneo et al., 2010; Andresen et al., 2012; Bjørk et al, 2012]. The instrumental/observational record is providing some insights into the processes that control ice sheet margin dynamics and has led to significant improvements in numerical models specifically related to calving margin dynamics (Vieli and Nick, 2011). However, the short period of data limits confidence in modelling the response of the ice sheet beyond decadal timescales. Until recently the paucity in instrumental data was mirrored in the palaeoglaciological record but there is now a wealth of research focused on longer-term perspectives of ice sheet and ice stream dynamics, across multiple timescales. Reconstructions utilising geomorphological, sedimentological and geochronological evidence, from both offshore and onshore, provide critical data with which to test and develop numerical models which will be better able to predict the dynamical response of the Greenland Ice Sheet across the next century.


This session aims to bring together the modelling and palaeoglaciolocal communities converging research in onshore and offshore glacial geomorphology and geology, palaeoceanography and numerical ice sheet modelling in seeking to understand longer-term responses of the Greenland Ice Sheet. We particularly welcome contributions in the following areas: pre-LGM, LGM and Holocene ice sheet/outlet geometries, dynamics, chronologies; marine and terrestrial records of ocean and atmospheric forcing; relative sea-level records and unloading histories; numerical modelling investigations of ice sheet/outlet dynamics and sea-level change.

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