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EGU session of interest - CL1.6

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to a new EGU session (Vienna, Austria, 07 – 12 April 2013).
Session title: CL1.6   Integrating marine, cryosphere and terrestrial records to elucidate North Atlantic climate variability and synchroneity during MIS 2 and 3 Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is the 9th of January 2013.

Confirmed keynote speaker is Stephen Barker (Cardiff University)  'Regional to global synchroneity of abrupt climate events' 

Convener: Jennifer Stanford      Email: [hidden email]
Co-Conveners: Danni Pearce    Email: [hidden email] , Brice Rea and  William E.N. Austin

We hope this session is of interest to you.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Stanford, Danni Pearce, Brice Rea and Bill Austin.


Session abstract:

Palaeo-proxy reconstructions and present-day observations have demonstrated that the pan-North Atlantic region is a crucial area for modulating the global climate system. Multi-proxy reconstructions (marine and terrestrial) are often focused on single sites or small regional settings and integration of empirical proxies is not necessarily straightforward, often hindered for example by dating uncertainties. However, despite these dating uncertainties, comparison of signals over large geographic areas and a regional scale approach allows for ascertaining a more coherent picture of casual mechanism within the ocean-climate system, for the development of event stratigraphies. Furthermore, enhancement of our understanding of the synchroneity, lags and leads within the climate system provides the opportunity to track key components of the climate system, for example, the polar front.

An alternative approach is through complex numerical modelling which can provide climate information independent from empirical data. It may provide physical explanations for the evolution of the climate system and aid our understanding of the timing, magnitudes and rates of past climate change, but background parameters, forcing scenarios and outputs must be representative, and reconciled with, the available empirical data.

The aim of this session is to bring together the field-based empiricist and climate modelling communities in order foster collaboration. To this end contributions are invited which provide marine, cryosphere and terrestrial empirical data, output from numerical climate models and ideally studies which integrate both.

Dr. Jennifer D. Stanford
Lecturer in Physical Geography

College of Science
Wallace Building
Swansea University
Singleton Park
Tel: +44(0)1792 602 405
Mob: 07506 422 442
Room 209

Dr Jennifer D. Stanford
Darlithydd Daearyddiaeth Ffisegol

Coleg Gwyddoniaeth
Adeilad Wallace
Prifysgol Abertawe
Parc Singleton
Ffôn : +44(0)1792 602 405
Ffôn symudol: 07506 422 442
Ystafell: 209

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