EGU session on airborne remote sensing observations

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EGU session on airborne remote sensing observations

Anna Maria Trofaier

Dear Cryolist members (especially those interested in airborne measurements)


This is to let you know that we are convening  a session in upcoming vEGU “Airborne observations in multidisciplinary environmental research using European Research Infrastructures; observations, campaigns and future plans". More information is available here: Please consider submitting abstract to our session before 13th January 2021.




On behalf of all the conveners: Thomas Ruhtz, Sven Fahrner, Paola Formenti, Felix Friedl-Vallon, Shridhar Jawak




Shridhar D. Jawak, PhD

Remote Sensing Officer



Phone: +47 7902 6413

[hidden email]


SIOS Knowledge Centre

Postboks 156, 9171 Longyearbyen, Norway

Visiting address: Svalbard Science Centre, Longyearbyen



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