EGU session on glacial landforms and palaeoclimatic interpretation [EGU GM 9.3]

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EGU session on glacial landforms and palaeoclimatic interpretation [EGU GM 9.3]

Stefan Winkler-2
Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to our session at the upcoming EGU  
General Assembly 2013 in Vienna:

EGU GM 9.3 "Glacial landforms and palaeoclimatic interpretation"

See details at:

This session addresses the geomorphological uncertainties in glacier  
reconstruction and thus palaeoclimatic interpretation of glacial  
landform ages. Contributions from all related fields are welcome,  
including studies on how non-climatic events (e.g. large mass  
movements deposited on glacier surfaces) influence both glacier  
behaviour and moraine formation. Studies of “normal” glaciers vs.  
debris-covered, surging, or calving glaciers should lead to a better  
understanding of how glacial landforms should be interpreted in a  
climatological context. Also, studies applying different dating  
techniques to glacial landforms are welcomed in order to bring  
together scientists using different approaches.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is January 9th 2013 !

Visit:    for abstract submission.

We are looking to seeing you in Vienna!

Tim Davies, Philipe Deline, Lasafam Iturrizaga & Stefan Winkler

PD Dr. Stefan Winkler

Department of Geological Sciences
University of Canterbury
New Zealand

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Stefan Winkler <[hidden email]>
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