EGU session on modeling ice sheets and glaciers (CR5.2)

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EGU session on modeling ice sheets and glaciers (CR5.2)

Dear colleagues,

We are inviting abstracts for session CR5.2 on « modeling ice sheets and glaciers »  of the EGU 2018 meeting in Vienna (8-13 April 2018).

This session is intended to attract a broad range of ice-sheet and glacier modelling contributions, welcoming applied and theoretical contributions. Theoretical topics that are encouraged are higher-order mechanical models, data inversion and assimilation, representation of other earth sub-systems in ice-sheet models, and the incorporation of basal processes and novel constitutive relationships in these models.
Applications of newer modelling themes to ice-sheets and glaciers past and present are particularly encouraged, in particular those considering ice streams, rapid change, grounding line motion and ice-sheet model intercomparisons.

Happy new year

Gaël Durand, Frank Pattyn and Stephen Cornford

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