EGU2013 - CR 2.2 Remote sensing of permafrost regions

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EGU2013 - CR 2.2 Remote sensing of permafrost regions

Annett Bartsch
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the CR 2.2  ‘Remote sensing of permafrost
regions’ session at EGU2013 ( Vienna, 8-12 April 2013).

Conveners: Annett Bartsch (TU Vienna, AT), Guido Grosse & Reginald Muskett
(University of Alaska Fairbanks, US), Birgit Heim (AWI, DE)

This session focuses on remote sensing applications with special emphasis
on permafrost regions. Permafrost is an essential climate variable (ECV)
with relevance for climate feedbacks with water, energy, and carbon
cycles. It is a subsurface phenomenon which cannot be directly measured
with remotely sensed data. However, many land-surface parameters which
influence the ground thermal regime can be captured and used for
indirectly inferring permafrost conditions or modeling of permafrost
characteristics. Those are e.g. land surface temperature, land cover and
snow parameters, soil moisture and terrain changes.

We kindly invite contributions on all scales, including high resolution
airborne and satellite-based investigations (Lidar, InSAR, UAVs etc),
thermokarst lake monitoring, analyses of mass changes by satellite-based
geodetic measurements as well as investigations of land-surface parameters
relevant for permafrost modelling and their use in climate and permafrost

The session details can be found at

  *   deadline (young scientists) for travel support (including
abstracts): 30 Nov 2012
  *   deadline (regular) for receipt of abstracts: 9 Jan 2013

Best regards

Annett, Guido, Reginald & Birgit

Annett Bartsch
Visiting Professor
Department of Geoinformatics and Z_GIS
University of Salzburg
Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Geogr. PhD
Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation
Vienna University of Technology
Gusshausstrasse 27-29,
1040 Vienna
Tel +43 1 58801 12221
email: [hidden email]

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