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Olaf Eisen
Dear Cryolisters,

to reduce the number of emails please find below some bulk information related to the EGU General Assembly 2018 that will take place 08–13 Apr 2018 in Vienna, Austria. 

* SESSIONS: A summary of sessions related to cryospheric topics is appended to this email for a quick overview. You are kindly invited to find a session for your abstract at

Those sessions listed as IE... are part of the Interdisciplinary Events with one of the overarching topics:
* TRAVEL SUPPORT: Note that scientists who want to apply for travel support must submit their abstract by 1 December 2017. For details see (1) below.

* MENTORING: EGU has a mentoring programme in place to help conference novices to find there way. If you are interested as mentor or mentee you find further information at 

* ELECTIONS: EGU invites you to take part in the "EGU Election Autumn 2017" until 30 November, where you have the opportunity to vote for the next EGU Union President, General Secretary and Division Presidents. Further information is available at

Best Regards,


Olaf Eisen 

President of the EGU Division on Cryospheric Sciences 
CR contact: [hidden email]
CR on Twitter: @EGU_CR
CR blog:

(1) How to submit your abstract
Each session shows the Abstract Submission link. Using this link you are asked to log in to the Copernicus Office Meeting Organizer with your Copernicus Office user ID. You may submit the text of your contribution as plain text, LaTeX, or MS Word content. An abstract processing charge (APC) of €40.00 gross will be levied.
Detailed information on how to submit an abstract can be found at:
The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 10 Jan 2018, 13:00 CET. If you would like to apply for a Roland Schlich travel support, please submit no later than 01 Dec 2017. Details can be found at:

(2) Late abstracts
Abstracts sent to the conveners after 10 Jan 2018 for submission on your behalf have the strict deadline of 18 January 2018, 13:00 CET. These late submissions require final approval by the programme committee and will be invoiced with €80 gross.

(3) First-author oral preference rule
Regarding the oral preference, you are allowed as first author to submit either one regular abstract plus one abstract solicited by a convener, or two solicited abstracts. Each further abstract has to be submitted with a poster preference or submitted to PICO sessions. Since the system limits oral-preference submissions to one you will need to provide a transaction number (TAN) when submitting your additional solicited abstract. This TAN can be obtained from the convener of the respective session. If you submit to a session belonging to the EOS programme group, you are allowed as first author to submit one more abstract with an oral preference (three in total).

(4) Abstract-presentation obligation
The submission of an abstract carries with it the obligation that it is actually presented at the meeting by the author or, at least, by one of the co-authors. If this is not possible, please withdraw your abstract at your earliest convenience. Without early withdrawal, abstracts not presented at the conference are identified as no-shows and their PDF file will be removed from the conference programme.

(5) Further information
Further information about the EGU General Assembly 2018 can be found at:

Session Programme CR – Cryospheric Sciences


ML6/CR Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECS Lecture by Mathieu Morlighem (co-organized)         

Conveners: Jonathan Bamber, Hans Thybo 

ML21/CR Louis Agassiz Medal Frank Pattyn (co-organized)         

Convener: Olaf Eisen 

CR1 – The state of the Cryosphere: Past, Present and Future


State of the Cryosphere: Observations and Modelling
Convener: Julienne Stroeve  | Co-Conveners: Frank Pattyn , Stephan Gruber , Michiel van den Broeke 


Ice-sheet and climate interactions (co-organized)
Convener: Heiko Goelzer  | Co-Conveners: Philippe Huybrechts , Alexander Robinson , R. Winkelmann 


Reconstructing paleo ice dynamics: Comparing and combining field-based evidence and numerical modeling (co-organized)
Convener: Irina Rogozhina  | Co-Conveners: Arjen Stroeven , Lev Tarasov , John Jansen , Jorge Bernales 


Glaciers and ice caps under climate change
Convener: Jon Ove Hagen  | Co-Conveners: Georg Kaser , Matthias Huss , Nicholas Barrand 


Atmosphere – Cryosphere interaction (co-organized)
Convener: Willem Jan van de Berg  | Co-Convener: Thomas Mölg 


The Antarctic Ice Sheet: past, present and future contributions towards global sea level
Convener: Steven Phipps  | Co-Conveners: Christopher Fogwill , Felicity Graham 


Ice-ocean interactions: past, present and future (co-organized)
Convener: Tom Cowton  | Co-Conveners: Robert Bingham , Brice Rea , Finlo Cottier 


The Quest for Oldest Ice (co-organized)
Convener: Olaf Eisen  | Co-Convener: Didier Roche 


Climate Variability Across Scales and Climate States (co-organized)
Convener: Kira Rehfeld  | Co-Conveners: Thomas Laepple , Shaun Lovejoy , Louise Sime , Anna von der Heydt , Michel Crucifix 


CR2 – 
Instrumental observation of the cryosphere


Remote sensing of the cryosphere
Convener: Stef Lhermitte  | Co-Conveners: Wolfgang Rack , Bert Wouters 


Optical remote sensing of snow
Convener: Alexander Kokhanovsky  | Co-Conveners: Jason Box , Knut Stamnes 


Glacier Monitoring from In-situ and Remotely Sensed Observations
Convener: Michael Zemp  | Co-Conveners:  Adina Racoviteanu , Richard Armstrong 


Applied geophysics and in-situ methods in cryospheric sciencesPICO session
Convener: Nanna Karlsson  | Co-Conveners: Reinhard Drews , Franziska Koch 


High Resolution Topography in the Geosciences: Methods and Applications (co-organized)
Convener: Anette Eltner  | Co-Conveners: Mike James , Andreas Kaiser , Mark Smith 

GM2.3/CR2.6/GI3.15/GMPV10.3/HS11.18/NH4.6/SM 1.04/SSS13.22

Environmental Seismology: Deciphering Earth’s surface processes with seismic methods (co-organized)
Convener: Anne Schöpa  | Co-Conveners: Wei-An Chao , Velio Coviello , Florent Gimbert , Andrea Manconi 


The Greenland GPS Network: Status and New Results (co-organized)
Convener: Tonie van Dam  | Co-Conveners: Michael Bevis , Per Knudsen 


Close-Range Sensing of Environment (co-organized)
Convener: Martin Rutzinger  | Co-Conveners: Roderik Lindenbergh , Francesco Pirotti , Marco Scaioni 


Geophysical Signal Separation in Global Geodesy (co-organized)
Convener: Henryk Dobslaw  | Co-Conveners: Rory Bingham , Bert Wouters , Krzysztof Sośnica , Carmen Boening 


The use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in monitoring applications and management of natural hazards (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Daniele Giordan  | Co-Conveners: Yuichi S. Hayakawa , Fabio Remondino , Francesco Nex , Marc Adams 

CR3 – Snow and ice: properties, processes, hazards


Snow cover processes
Convener: Marie Dumont  | Co-Conveners: Samuel Morin , Henning Loewe , Richard L.H. Essery , Ghislain Picard , Charles Fierz 


Snow, snow cover processes and avalanche formationPICO session
Convener: Alec van Herwijnen  | Co-Conveners: Johan Gaume , Pascal Hagenmuller 


Advances in land surface, hydrological and climate modelling over snow and ice-covered mountainous terrainPICO session
Convener: Nora Helbig  | Co-Conveners: Richard L.H. Essery , Michael Schirmer , Vincent Vionnet 


Snow avalanche dynamics, hazard mapping and risk management
Convener: Florence Naaim 


Measuring and modelling of snow in ski resorts
Convener: Samuel Morin  | Co-Conveners: Marc Pons , Ulrich Strasser 


Snow hydrology: Monitoring and modeling of snow (co-organized)
Convener: Guillaume Thirel  | Co-Conveners: Juraj Parajka , Ladislav Holko , Francesco Avanzi , Doris Duethmann 

CR4 –Permafrost, rock glaciers, debris-covered glaciers and geomorphology


Permafrost Open Session
Convener: Michael Krautblatter  | Co-Conveners: Annett Bartsch , Reginald Muskett , Sebastian Westermann 


Quantification of permafrost and hydrological interactions in a changing climate.
Convener: Andrew Frampton 


Debris-covered glaciers
Convener: Adina Racoviteanu  | Co-Conveners: C. Scott Watson , Fanny Brun 


Subglacial landform genesis and (palaeo) glaciological significance (co-organized)
Convener: Jeremy Ely  | Co-Conveners: John K. Hillier , Anna Hughes , Matteo Spagnolo 


Permafrost & Periglacial Geologic Environments in Earth History: Discovering the Future By Linking The Present To The Past (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Reginald Muskett  | Co-Convener: Dongliang Luo 


Plio-Pleistocene topographic evolution of mid- to high-latitude mountain ranges (co-organized)
Convener: Günther Prasicek  | Co-Conveners: Jörg Robl , Stefan Hergarten , Georgina E. King 


Mountain Glaciations and beyond - Glacial landforms and their palaeoclimatic interpretation (co-organized)
Convener: Stefan Winkler  | Co-Conveners: Martin Brook , Tim Davies , Lasafam Iturrizaga , Giovanni Monegato , Jürgen Reitner 


Cold regions geomorphology (co-organized)
Convener: Isabelle Gärtner-Roer  | Co-Conveners: Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer , Sven Lukas , Matteo Spagnolo 

CR5 – Ice sheets, ice shelves and glaciers


Glaciology Open Session
Convener: Olaf Eisen 


Modelling ice sheets and glaciers
Convener: Gael Durand  | Co-Conveners: Frank Pattyn , Stephen Cornford 


Subglacial Environments of Ice Sheets and Glaciers
Convener: Harold Lovell  | Co-Conveners: Bryn Hubbard , Christine Dow , Robert Bingham 


Ice shelves and tidewater glaciers - dynamics, interactions, observations, modelling (co-organized)
Convener: Adrian Jenkins  | Co-Conveners: Andreas Vieli , Angelika Humbert , Inga Monika Koszalka 


Drivers and controls of life in glacial and ice-sheet environments (co-organized)
Convener: Chris Williamson  | Co-Conveners: Ewa Poniecka , Alexandra Holland , Miranda Nicholes , Krzysztof Zawierucha 


Deformation and flow of ice (co-organized)
Convener: Daniela Jansen  | Co-Conveners: Thomas Kleiner , Sina Marti 


Proglacial Lakes
Convener: Cathy Delaney  | Co-Conveners: Kathryn Adamson , Tim Lane , Stephen Livingstone , Adrian Palmer 


Water flow paths, supply and quality in a changing cryosphere (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Giulia Zuecco  | Co-Conveners: Michael Engel , Stephan Gruber 

CR6 –  Sea Ice


Rapid changes in sea ice: processes and implications
Convener: Daniel Feltham  | Co-Conveners: Daniela Flocco , Andrew Wells 


Changes in the Arctic Ocean, sea ice and subarctic seas systems: Observations, Models and Perspectives (co-organized)
Convener: Yevgeny Aksenov  | Co-Conveners: Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller , Craig Lee , Benjamin Rabe , Markus Janout , Julienne Stroeve , Paul A. Dodd 


Deep and bottom waters in the global ocean: Formation, transport and mixing (co-organized)
Convener: Céline Heuzé  | Co-Conveners: Carolina Dufour , Erik Behrens , Sunke Schmidtko 

GD8.1/CR6.4/SM 4.12/SSP2.18./TS1.6

The Arctic connection - geodynamic, geologic and oceanographic development of the Arctic (co-organized)
Convener: Grace E. Shephard  | Co-Conveners: Carmen Gaina , Kerim Nisancioglu , Cornelia Spiegel , Andrew Schaeffer 

CR7 –  Natural hazards in the cryosphere


Risks from a changing cryosphere
Convener: Christian Huggel  | Co-Conveners: Michael Krautblatter , Fiona Tweed , Katherine Barnhart 


Volcanoes in a changing cryosphere: physical processes and related risk (co-organized)
Convener: Gioachino Roberti  | Co-Conveners: Swetha Venugopal , Benjamin van Wyk de Vries , brent ward , glyn williams-jones , Iestyn Barr , Matteo Spagnolo , Pietro Sternai , Carolina Pagli , Brice Rea 

NH6.1/AS5.21/CR7.3/GI2.17/HS11.33/SM 3.12/SSS13.54

Application of remote sensing and Earth-observation data in natural hazard and risk studies (co-organized)
Convener: Paolo Tarolli  | Co-Conveners: Peter Webley , Robert Wright , Bailly Jean-Stéphane , Jianping Chen 

NH6.2/CR7.4/G3.8/GI2.24/SM 3.11/SSS13.55

Imaging Geodesy with InSAR for geohazard and infrastructure monitoring (co-organized)
Convener: Mahdi Motagh  | Co-Conveners: Ziyadin Cakir , Zhenhong Li , Roberto Tomás , Caijun XU 


Linking climate and impact models: Challenges, approaches, solutions (co-organized)
Convener: Ole Rössler  | Co-Conveners: Nans Addor , Andreas Fischer , Sven Kotlarski , Christian Pagé , Renate Wilcke 

CR8 –  Open and cross-disciplinary topics in cryospheric sciences


Clouds and precipitation in the Polar Regions: sources, processes and impacts
Convener: Irina V. Gorodetskaya 


Boundary Layers in High Latitudes (co-organized)
Convener: Günther Heinemann  | Co-Conveners: Thorsten Bartels-Rausch , Christopher Cox , Anna Jones , William Neff , Thomas Spengler , Argentini Stefania , Jennie L. Thomas , Michael Tjernström 


Under cover: The Southern Ocean’s connection to sea ice and ice shelves (co-organized)
Convener: Torge Martin  | Co-Conveners: Ralph Timmermann , Xylar Asay-Davis , Nadine Steiger 

GD8.2/CL4.21/CR8.4/EMRP4.20/SM 4.11/TS1.7

Unveiling the structure, evolution and influence of the Antarctic Lithosphere (co-organized)
Convener: Fausto Ferraccioli  | Co-Conveners: Douglas Wiens , Joachim Jacobs 


Climate variability and ocean-atmosphere-ice interactions in the N. Atlantic and Arctic regions at decadal to millennial time scale (co-organized)
Convener: Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz  | Co-Conveners: Antoon Kuijpers , Marie-Alexandrine Sicre , Christof Pearce 


Glacial isostatic adjustment and its role in the global earth system (co-organized)
Convener: Wouter van der Wal  | Co-Conveners: Maaria Nordman , Pietro Sternai , Holger Steffen 


Atmosphere – Cryosphere interaction with focus on transport, deposition and effects of dust, black carbon, and other aerosols (co-organized)
Convener: Pavla Dagsson Waldhauserova  | Co-Conveners: Biagio Di Mauro , Marie Dumont , Outi Meinander 


What are the key problems in Climate Science? (co-organized)
Convener: Emma C. Smith  | Co-Conveners: Céline Heuzé , Gabriele Messori , Karin van der Wiel 


How to find and share data in geosciences? (co-organized)
Convener: Gholam Ali Hoshyaripour  | Co-Conveners: Sophie Berger , Stephen Chuter 


Polar science career panel (EGU Cryosphere and APECS) (co-organized)
Convener: Clara Burgard  | Co-Convener: Emma C. Smith 

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