EGU2018 - Ice-ocean interactions: past, present and future

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EGU2018 - Ice-ocean interactions: past, present and future

Thomas Cowton

Dear colleagues,


We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to our session at EGU 2018:


Ice-ocean interactions: past, present and future (co-organized CR1.7/OS1.15)


We invite contributions that include, but are not limited to, measurements and/or modelling of: (i) controls on submarine melting, calving and grounding line dynamics; (ii) the impact of glacial meltwater and icebergs on coastal oceanography and productivity; (iii) long term perspectives on ice-ocean interaction from palaeo data; (iv) the impact of processes at the ice-ocean boundary on glacier and ice sheet dynamics; (v) future changes in ice-ocean interaction.


Full details here:


The submission deadlines are 1st December 2017 (to qualify for EGU Travel Support) or 10th January 2018.


Best wishes,


Tom Cowton, Rob Bingham, Brice Rea, Finlo Cottier

Session conveners



Dr Tom Cowton

Lecturer in Physical Geography


School of Geography and Sustainable Development | University of St Andrews

Tel: 01334 464026 | Email: [hidden email] | Web:


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