ESA Climate Change Initiative "Round-Robin" test - reminder

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ESA Climate Change Initiative "Round-Robin" test - reminder

René Forsberg

Dear Colleagues


Just to remind you: The ESA Climate Change Initiative ( Round-Robin Intercomparison Experiment is now mid-way, and we encourage more participants to sign up, to have an as wide basis as possible for selecting “best” algorithms for the planned routine production of Essential Climate Variables.


Limited tasks and data for estimation of Surface Elevation Change (SEC), Ice Velocity (IV, from SAR), outlet glacier Calving Front Locations (CFL) and Grounding Line Locations (GLL) are available at for the selected regions of the ice sheet.


Deadline for reporting back is end of September 2012.



Rene Forsberg, National Space Institute, Denmark (icesheets project coordinator), [hidden email]


Contact persons for the Round-Robin tests:

SEC: Francesca Ticconi, [hidden email]

IV: John Merryman Boncori, [hidden email]

CFL and GLL:  Kilian Scharrer, [hidden email]

Web/data support: Martijn Kamstra, [hidden email]





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