EU Funded PhD Studentships (some in glaciology) at QMUL, Univ Trento, Free Univ Berlin

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EU Funded PhD Studentships (some in glaciology) at QMUL, Univ Trento, Free Univ Berlin

Simon Carr

Dear Colleagues,

Could I draw your attention toa considerable number of fellowships ( > 8 ) for interdisciplinary PhD research in different areas of River Science (hydro-morphodynamics, glaciology, geomorphology, hydroecology, biogeochemistry, ecohydraulics and others) 

The deadline for application is approaching: January 9, 2012

See text below for more information.

With kindest regards

Guido Zolezzi

----  SMART:  PhD fellowships for interdisciplinary research in River Science ------

Call for application:

Deadline for applications
January 9, 2012.

SMART is a 3-years Joint PhD programme offered in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus action by the University of Trento (Italy), Queen Mary, University of London (UK) and the Free University of Berlin (Germany), together with 12 associate partners in 8 different countries and 4 continents, encompassing research centres, private companies and governmental agencies.

Research is multidisciplinary-based at a principal institution with mandatory mobility to a second Consortium partner and one Associate partner. It focuses on the core areas of natural and engineering sciences relevant to the sustainable management of river systems from their headwaters to estuaries, including moprhodynamics, hydrology, biogeochemistry, geomorphology, biology and ecology.

Admission is on a selective basis; successful completion of the PhD programme will be awarded a joint or double Doctoral Degree in River Science.

Further details are available on 
Dr Simon Carr
School of Geography,
Queen Mary University of London,
Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, UK.
t: 00 44 20 7882 2780
f: 00 44 20 8981 6276
twitter: @DrSimonCarr

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