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Елизавета Макарычева

Dear colleagues,


Abstract submission is now open for the session “Permafrost Engineering and the Related Risks” at the 5th European Conference on Permafrost 2018, at Chamonix-Mont Blanc (France), 23 June – 1 July 2018.

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 November 2017

Please submit your abstracts at: 


Chairs: Kevin Bjella (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory), Guy Dore (Universite Laval – Quebec, Canada), Elizaveta Makarycheva (Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience, RAS - Moscow, Russia)

Session Description:

Warming permafrost is projected to weaken foundation soils and create engineering risks previously not fully appreciated. Geocryological processes such as thermokarst, frost heaving and fracturing, icing, and thermal erosion are the source of immediate danger for the engineering structures. Economic losses during the construction and exploitation procedures in the permafrost area are linked also with the other negative processes that have the specific character in cold regions. These processes are swamping, desertification, deflation, flooding, mudflows and landslides, and can lead to common risks of unsustainable development of regions. Infrastructure longevity is influenced by climate change consequences that must be calculated in insurance procedures, and this is challenging engineers to make estimates of these impacts, and also to what level the design parameters can be adjusted to maintain an acceptable level of risk and economics. Recent advancements in the use of surface based geophysics for geotechnical characterization are demonstrating that the homogeneity of the permafrost ground-ice condition can often be exploited to the benefit of infrastructure projects. Additionally, thermal modeling techniques are becoming standard engineering tools for determining the results of innovative designs, and for projecting to the future warmed condition.

Presentations are invited that provide insight into the current methods for engineering on warming permafrost, and especially those that illustrate results of altered design parameters. We encourage demonstrations of innovation for maintaining or modifying founding soil conditions, innovation on the methods for characterizing the geotechnical condition, incorporation of permafrost cryostructure and geo-cryomorphology into the applied realm, assessments of risk and costs, and improved techniques for assessing, designing and constructing on warming permafrost.


We look forward to meeting with you in Chamonix.



Kevin Bjella

Guy Dore

Elizaveta Makarycheva



Kevin Bjella, MSc., P.E.

[hidden email]

+1.907.361.5171 office

+1.907.378.7360 mobile


Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory - CRREL

Applied Permafrost Research – Fairbanks, Alaska

4070 9th Street

Ft. Wainwright, Alaska 99709

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