East Antarctica Windsled Circunnavigation 2018-19 open aplication for scientific projects

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East Antarctica Windsled Circunnavigation 2018-19 open aplication for scientific projects

Ramon H. Larramendi

Dear Everybody.


Windsled is a zero emissions mobile plattform, an specially designed sled inspired in the inuit sled, moved by giant kites, and able to transport up to 6 passengers and up to 2000 kg of cargo.

A radically new  concept created first time in 2000 by Spanish team, and developed through 8 succesfull traverses, and more than 20000km covered, 6 in Greenland, and 2 in Antarctica,  In 2005-6. A 4000km traverse Novo-SPI-Vostok-Progress station., And in 2011-12, a 3500 km traverse Novo-SP-Patriot Hills.

Proposed Antarctica Windsled Circunnavigation 2018-19, (AWC-18-19).  Expedition want to prove the capability of this plattform for developing scientific research in the high Antarctic plateau in a complementary way to existing plattforms but totally clean, cheap, safe and logistically very simple.

See full Project in enclosed document. AWC-18-19 CRYOLIST.

In resume the Project will be composed of 2 diferent traverses,

A-     A light and eficient 7500 km traverse around east antárctica, Novo-SP-Dome C-Dome A-Dome Fuji-Novo.  Where only light and simple projects of data gathering can fit.

B-      A heavier traverse from South Pole to Vostok and Concordia where 1 or 2 scientist can join the sled and have heavier equipment up to 200 kg.


Researchers or Projects interested in participating into the Windsled Expeditions are welcome to contact and make an aplication to [hidden email]  you can see more general information about windsled in www.greenland.net/windsled

Aplicants can send a proposal with a máximum 2 page resume of aplicant CV,  institutions involved as well as the Project proposed before May 30th 2017.


Acceptance of projects will take place before July 30, 2017.

Ramon Larramendi

Inuit Windsled Project Director


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