Eastern Snow Conference Abstracts due on March 8th

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Eastern Snow Conference Abstracts due on March 8th

Andrew Klein

The 70th Eastern Snow Conference (ESC) will be held at the Active Learning Centre in, Huntsville, ON, Canada 4-6 June, 2013. The scientific program is open to sessions on theoretical, experimental, and operational studies of snow, ice, and winter hydrology.  This year’s general theme is “SNOW AND ICE UNDER A CHANGING CLIMATE”. The ESC has only plenary (paper and poster viewing) sessions, allowing time to view and discuss the research of each participant. You are all invited on an afternoon local historical train trip. You are invited to submit an abstract for an oral or a poster presentation (please indicate type). An abstract of 200-250 words should be submitted by 8 March 2013 using the Abstract Style Guide to ensure correct formatting to the program chair:

Dr. Alex Langlois
[hidden email]
Please email your submissions

Students are encouraged to enter the ESC Student Paper Competitions. The winner of the best submitted student paper will receive the Wiesnet Medal, a $750 prize. The Campbell Scientific Canada Award of $500 will be awarded to the submitted paper demonstrating the most innovative use of technology in the gathering of data. In addition, the David Hewitt Miller Student Poster Award of $100 will be awarded to the best student poster.

To be considered for the Wiesnet and Campbell awards please send an electronic copy of the paper with the supervisor's endorsement (separate email) to the Chair of the Research Committee, Allan Frei, no later than 26 April 2013. Please consult the ESC web site for conditions and details.

Dr. Allan Frei
[hidden email]

All papers will be published in the ESC Proceedings; please consult the ESC web site for details on submission. In addition, Hydrological Processes(HP) will publish refereed papers from the meeting. The subject matter of these papers must fit within the scope of the journal. If you would like your paper to be considered for journal publication, please indicate this on your abstract and submit an electronic copy of your paper to HP co-editors Mauri Pelto or Richard Kelly by 5 July 2013. For more details, please contact:

Dr. Mauri Pelto
[hidden email]

Dr. Richard Kelly
[hidden email]


Registration information is available on the ESC web site: http://www.easternsnow.org/annual_meeting.html


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