Environmental Geophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Environmental Geophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Baptiste Dafflon
The Earth and Environmental Sciences Area of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is seeking applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow to develop and implement new methodologies for improved understanding and quantification of shallow subsurface processes, including fluxes across bedrock-soil-land surface-vegetation compartments, using geophysical and hydrological datasets. The Postdoctoral Fellow will work with a multi-disciplinary group of scientists to improve predictive understanding of multi-scale terrestrial system functioning, including hydrology driven biogeochemical processes.

The position focuses on the development of advanced acquisition, processing, data assimilation and inversion techniques for advanced monitoring and quantification of complex critical zone processes. These developments will be applied in a mountainous watershed in the Upper Colorado River Basin and in the Alaskan Arctic Tundra.  Essential for this position is expertise in geophysics, hydrology and/or soil physics with a particular emphasis on geophysical and hydrological data inversion and assimilation approaches and/or quantification of surface-subsurface water-heat-gas fluxes.  The position requires an outstanding record of original and high-quality research, demonstrated experience in the above fields, and an enthusiasm for working with a team to improve understanding and prediction of field scale terrestrial system behavior. Desired is a familiarity with hydrogeophysical techniques, soil physics, remote sensing approaches, various geophysical methods (ERT, EM, GPR, Seismic) and statistical or inversion methods for data analyses.

The Earth and Environmental Sciences Area in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is a premier Earth sciences research organization where scientists are tackling some of the most pressing environmental and energy challenges of the 21st Century. Berkeley Lab is located in an environment recognized for offering a high quality of life, having both abundant natural beauty and exciting urban surrounds.

For more information about the group and the projects please visit
http://ngee.ornl.gov/ and

For more details and/or apply, please visit .

Baptiste Dafflon, Ph.D.
Geological Research Scientist
Earth and Environmental Sciences Area
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
1 Cyclotron Road 85B-0111
Berkeley, CA 94720  USA
Ph: 510-486-4735

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