Environmental Seismology at AGU 2019

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Environmental Seismology at AGU 2019

Lipovsky, Bradley
Dear Colleagues —

Kindly note the following AGU session of special interest to the cryospheric community.

The session aims to connect scientists applying theoretical, field-based and experimental seismic methods to Earth surface and near-surface dynamics, and we invite contributions from geomorphology, cryospheric sciences, seismology, hazards, volcanology, soil sciences, rock mechanics, hydrology, and related fields.

Best Regards,

Brad, Danica, Rick, and Kate

S014 - Environmental Seismology: A Geophysical Tool to study Surface and Near Surface Processes
Recent work has highlighted the generation of elastic waves by processes at or near the Earth’s surface, and seismic techniques are being utilized to examine an increasingly diverse range of processes, hazards and materials. Seismic detection, monitoring and characterization methods can provide continuous, real-time observations with high temporal resolution and broad spatial coverage of multiple sources and inaccessible environments. Areas of recent advancement include: mass movement (landslides, rockfalls, debris flows, lahars); hydrologic (groundwater, open water waves/tides, outburst floods, turbulence, sediment transport), cryospheric (avalanches, icequakes, calving, ice fracture/deformation, glacial hydrology/sliding), atmospheric and oceanic (microseisms, extreme weather, gravity waves) phenomena; use of large-N arrays; 4-d imaging of substrate, material, and structural attributes; and anthropogenic sources.

Bradley Paul Lipovsky, Harvard University
Danica L Roth, University of Oregon
Kate Allstadt, University of Washington Seattle Campus
Richard C Aster, Colorado State University

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