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Explorers Club Polar Film Festival - accepting submissions

Sarah Bouckoms
Hi  all those who love cold ice places but sometimes like to watch a film about it from the comfort and warmth of a chair,

The Explorers Club Polar Film Festival is now accepting submissions for the 2020 event on January 24th and 25th, in New York City. We accept everything from shorts, full lengths, even claymation animation. This is gearing up to be a special event and celebration of the 60th anniversary of The Antarctic Treaty. Hope to see you there!

Please submit your latest film showcasing science, exploration or educational films in the Arctic or Antarctica on Film Freeway

Alternatively you can email Milbry, Stefan and I at [hidden email] and find more information on our website www.polarfilmfest.com 

Thanks so much everyone,
Milbry Polk, Stefan Kindberg and Sarah Bouckoms 

Sarah Bouckoms
Students On Ice Expedition
Explorers Club Member
Miss Porters School Recipient of The Class of 1959 Fund for a Career in the Classroom
SOLO Wilderness Medicine Instructor

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