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Entwistle Neil



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On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 7:01 PM Entwistle Neil <[hidden email]> wrote:

Dear colleagues,


I’d like to draw your attention to the following Research MSc position at University of Salford. Understanding the impact of glacial sediments on river channel form in the UK.


Details here:



As part of the University of Salford industry collaboration strategy the School of Environment and Life Sciences has created a new commercial unit; AquaUoS (http://aquauos.salford.ac.uk), an initiative to bring enterprise activity and a greater understanding of industry into the curriculum for students. The aim is to develop a wide portfolio of water / river related projects, together with new external partnerships in the field of environmental monitoring and management.

In partnership with the Alpine Glacier Project, AquaUoS is delighted to announce its intention to award a £5,000 scholarship in the form of a full-time UK/EU MSc bursary to the successful applicant for an MSc (by research) into the Understanding the impact of glacial sediments on river channel form in the UK.

We welcome applications from students with an undergraduate degree in Physical Geography. Applicants with good undergraduate performance in fluvial geomorphology / glaciology modules are particularly encouraged to apply. To be considered for this scholarship you must apply by 24th March 2019.





Dr Neil S. Entwistle PgCHE FHEA FRGS CGeog (Geomorph)
Director AquaUoS Lecturer in River Science | Admissions Tutor.
Room 326, Peel Building, University of Salford, Salford M5 4WT
T: +44(0) 0161 295 3394  |  twitter: @salfordhydro
[hidden email] | www.salford.ac.uk


Recent papers:

Ecohydraulic modelling of anabranching rivers [OPEN ACCESS]

Small unmanned aerial model accuracy for photogrammetrical fluvial bathymetric survey

Meltwater temperature in streams draining Alpine glaciers

Recent changes to floodplain character and functionality in England [OPEN ACCESS]

Quantifying and contextualising cyclone-driven, extreme flood magnitudes in bedrock-influenced dryland rivers

Flood energy dissipation in anabranching channels

Recent remote sensing applications for hydro and morphodynamic monitoring and modelling [OPEN ACCESS]

Morphodynamics of bedrock-influenced dryland rivers during extreme floods: insights from the Kruger National Park, South Africa [OPEN ACCESS]

Morphodynamic simulation of sediment deposition patterns on a recently stripped bedrock anastomosed channel




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