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FW: NAG2019 - Registration is open!

Adam Booth

Morning all! 


- Another shout-out to our permafrost monitoring community!  See below, as registration is now open for our meeting in London.  Hope to see some of you there!





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Subject: NAG2019 - Registration is open!


Good morning everyone,


We’re pleased to announce that registration is now open for New Advances in Geophysics 2019 – “Geophysics in the Critical Zone”.  Please follow the link to our website – https://nag2019.wordpress.com/registration/  – for registration details, plus all other information about the meeting including our great list of invited speakers. 


The greatest hits, also summarised in the attached flyer, are:

-          11th-12th November at London’s Geological Society

-          £80 if you register before 18th October; just £40 for concessionary entry!


It promises to be a really great event – the first time that the New Advances in Geophysics series has focussed on the near surface.  Questions about the meeting? – please get in touch! [hidden email].  Feel free to use the flyer to promote the event mong your own networks too!


Best regards,

- The organising committee:

                Adam Booth

                Lucy Catt

                J-C Comte

                Jess Holmes

                Simon Hughes



Dr Adam Booth


Associate Professor of Applied Geophysics


Submit an abstract for our meeting “Geophysics in the Critical Zone” – click the link for more information!




Rm 8.144


School of Earth and Environment

University of Leeds

Woodhouse Lane





[hidden email]

+44 (0) 113 34 39743


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