FW: Three Assistant Professor positions at Durham University (Geography): palaeoclimate, sea level, earth surface dynamics/geohazards

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FW: Three Assistant Professor positions at Durham University (Geography): palaeoclimate, sea level, earth surface dynamics/geohazards


Dear colleagues,


The Department of Geography at Durham University seeks to appoint THREE outstanding individuals at Assistant Professor. Please forward to colleagues who may be interested:


1. Assistant Professor in reconstructing palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironmental change- https://www.dur.ac.uk/resources/hr/recruitment/academicrecruitment2017/GEOG18-4JD_060917.pdf

Research expertise in reconstructing past climates and/or environmental change, to complement and/or expand our existing research profile. We welcome applications from candidates who have experience in analysing terrestrial, lacustrine and/or marine archives. (Deadline = 24 Nov 2017)


2. Assistant Professor in sea level change - https://www.dur.ac.uk/resources/hr/recruitment/academicrecruitment2017/GEOG18-4JD_060917.pdf

Research specializing in sea level change, with expertise that complements and/or expands our existing interests and expertise on (i) long-term trends in both tropical and high-latitude regions; (ii) records of abrupt events (e.g. earthquake induced change); and (iii) monitoring of recent and ongoing coastal evolution. (Deadline = 24 Nov 2017)


3. Assistant Professor in Earth surface dynamics and geohazards - https://www.dur.ac.uk/resources/hr/recruitment/academicrecruitment2017/GEOG18-2JD_060917.pdf

An individual to complement and extend our world-leading research into the rates, patterns and drivers of environmental processes, in which we seek to understand and predict how they control sediment transfers, biogeochemical reactions, carbon fluxes across landscapes and geohazards. (Deadline = 2 Jan 2018)


We have exceptional laboratory facilities to support these posts. Recent investments include a multisensory core logger, XRF scanner, X-ray facility, GC-MS and GC-IRMS for compound-specific isotope analysis, alongside IC, ICP-MS and ICP-OES for inorganic trace and major element analyses. A range of materials (pollen, diatoms, foraminifera and organic biomarkers) are routinely prepared and analysed. Our field equipment includes advanced laser scanning equipment and vehicles, a boat and several UAVs, alongside an extensive suite of GIS and remote sensing software and back pressure shear boxes and stress path cells in the Landslide laboratory. and Outwith the department, we work closely with numerous interdisciplinary initiatives in the University. Many staff contribute to the pan-University Institute for Hazard, Risk and Resilience.


For more information about the department: https://www.dur.ac.uk/geography/


Please contact the Head of Department, Professor Mike Bentley ([hidden email]) with queries.


Best wishes



Dr Erin McClymont

Department of Geography, Durham University

Lower Mountjoy, South Road

Durham DH1 3LE

[hidden email]




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