Fast-Flowing Glaciers - Session at Fall AGU Meeting

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Fast-Flowing Glaciers - Session at Fall AGU Meeting

Ute Herzfeld

Dear Cryo Fans,

may we please draw you attention to the following session on


at the upcoming Fall AGU Meeting.

Deadline for Abstracts is August 8, 2012.

Cryosphere (C)
Geodesy (G)

     Ute C Herzfeld
     Univ Colorado Boulder
     [hidden email]

     Helmut Mayer
     CU Boulder
     [hidden email]

Index Terms:
[0758] CRYOSPHERE / Remote sensing
[0776] CRYOSPHERE / Glaciology
[0798] CRYOSPHERE / Modeling

"The focus of this session is on fast-flowing glaciers, which include
surge-type glaciers, tide-water glaciers and continuously fast-moving
glaciers, such as outlet glaciers (and ice streams) of the Greenland and
Antarctic ice sheets. Especially welcome are contributions on the current
Bering Glacier surge and other surges. The session call welcomes papers on
(a) field, airborne or satellite remote-sensing data, (b) observations,
innovative analysis methods, ice-mechanical or dynamic modeling, (c)
attribution of fast flow to climatic or inherent dynamic causes."

See you at AGU and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Best greetings, Ute Herzfeld

  Ute C. Herzfeld
  Geomathematics and Remote Sensing
  Research Associate Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
  Senior Research Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
  University of Colorado Boulder
  Boulder, CO 80309-0449 USA

  fon +1-303-735-5164
  fax +1-303-492-2468
  [hidden email]
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