Fate of SnowAnt SCAR WG and Polar2018

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Fate of SnowAnt SCAR WG and Polar2018

Ghislain Picard-3

Dear colleagues working on snow in Antarctica,

The SnowAnt Working Group
(https://www.scar.org/science/snowant/snowant/) is at the end of a cycle
and the question of its renewal needs to be discussed now, as the new
cycle will start at POLAR2018. The question is whether our community
faces challenges that would benefit from an international coordination
at the SCAR level or not. And if yes if there is sufficient motivation
to work on coordinated actions in the coming 2-4 years.

My opinion is that we need a Snow Antarctic community and SnowAnt WG for
at least two topics;

1- Snowpack observation. Such observations are mostly organized at the
stations/countries/research groups level today although the need for
remote sensing and regional climate modeling is at the continent scale.
An action could be to start harmonizing snowpack measurement practices
and to establish a continent-wide collection of a minimum set of
important snow measurements (e.g. density, “grain size”, ...). This
would complement GCW that seeks to collect long-term, rich, high quality
dataset in a de facto limited number of stations.

2- Snowpack modeling. Models that predict snow physical evolution have
been tested independently and/or locally. It is not yet clear how they
perform at the continent scale. An action could be to conduct a
continent-wide, multi-model intercomparison to clearly establish what we
know and what we don't about snowpack modeling in Antarctica. This
action would benefit from data from action 1.

With Martin Schneebeli, we propose to collect the interests and opinions
on these actions or other propositions. A critical point is how much
time you're able to invest in such a project. Depending on the interest,
we will propose SnowAnt renewal. From your response, we will make a
specific mailing-list (please indicate emails of your interested
colleagues) to continue the discussion.

A SnowAnt side meeting is already planned at POLAR 2018: Saturday, 16
June 2018, 11am – 1pm  Room B Jakobshorn

Best regards,

Ghislain Picard & Martin Schneebeli

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