Feedback needed: APECS Career Development webinars (webinars now archived online, too!)

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Feedback needed: APECS Career Development webinars (webinars now archived online, too!)

Allen Pope
This past year the Associations of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) initiated its Career Development Webinar Series with 22 useful webinars which covered a range of topics including "Writing Science", "Communicating with the public about climate change", "and "Selling your best assets: Conducting a successful interview".  

A complete list of webinar topics is available at  If you missed any of the live webinars, they've all been recorded and are archived at you can watch them online or download them free of charge.

If you participated in or watched recordings of any of the webinars - or even if you didn't but have some ideas - please take 5-10 minutes to give us your feedback and ideas to help us improve this service at by Monday, June 20th.  Your feedback will help us as we plan the next series of APECS Career Development webinars. 

This great career development opportunity, and now the videos as a resource, was made possible through a grant from the US National Science Foundation to the Arctic System Science Thermokarst Project and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. A great deal of thanks to the many excellent mentors who participated and to the organizers: Kimberley Maher for running the sessions and answering questions, Daniela Liggett for setting up the online software, Sam German for Video Editing, and Jenny Baeseman for all the other stuff!

We hope that you have been able to take advantage of the APECS Career Development Webinar Series and look forward to hearing from you!  Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas: [hidden email]

Allen Pope

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