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Field kit - plea for help!

Porter, Philip R

I have hit a fairly serious problem with fieldwork this summer in the Swiss Alps in that field kit we thought would be available to us is now unavailable - but we are due to go into the field on the 18th June so I am starting to panic!


I therefore wondered if any colleagues had any of the following items that they would be willing to loan between 18th June and mid-September – all items would be insured:


3 x pressure sensors for measuring river stage (we use Druck sensors wired to Campbell loggers) over a fairly limited range – max 1-2 metres (we need one for measuring lake stage which changes by 1-2m)

2 x Campbell loggers of any type

1 x turbidity sensor (we use Partech IR15c’s)


Many thanks in anticipation of any assistance that could be offered.


Best wishes, Phil Porter.


Dr P R Porter

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

School of Life Sciences

University of Hertfordshire

College Lane


Hertfordshire AL10 9AB

United Kingdom


Tel: +44 (0)1707 285091

Fax: +44 (0)1707 285046


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