*Final reminder*: "Supraglacial and Englacial Hydrology" session at AGU

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*Final reminder*: "Supraglacial and Englacial Hydrology" session at AGU

Caroline Clason
Dear Cryolisters,

**We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of a new Cryosphere session (CO38) at this years AGU Fall Meeting, "Supraglacial and Englacial Hydrology".**

Session description: The need to better represent glacial hydrology within ice sheet models and provide inputs to subglacial hydrology models has resulted in a growth in research of the supraglacial and englacial systems. This includes surface meltwater pathways and storage, englacial system evolution at a range of time scales and its influence on meltwater transfer to the subglacial system, the role of hydrology on thermal and structural properties of ice, and implementation of supraglacial and englacial hydrology within glacier and ice sheet models. This session aims to bring together research reporting field investigations and modeling of these systems. We hope that this session will serve as a useful forum for exchange of ideas between field and modeling research groups.

Our session will include invited contributions from Professors Doug Benn and Andrew Fountain, and we are looking forward to an interesting and exciting range of talks and posters, so please consider this new session when you are submitting your abstracts in the coming days!

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing many of you at AGU.

Caroline Clason, Hari Rajaram and Thomas Phillips


Caroline Clason I Postdoctoral Researcher I Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm I +46 725107512 I [hidden email]

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