Firn Water Retention Intercomparison Project (RetMIP)

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Firn Water Retention Intercomparison Project (RetMIP)

Peter Lang Langen

Firn Water Retention Intercomparison Project (RetMIP)


To perform an intercomparison of meltwater retention, refreezing and runoff in different SMB and firn models without the complicating factors of different weather forcing at the surface, grids and glacier masks, we propose a coordinated experiment, where different firn models are driven by the same surface inputs of mass and energy.


Two streams of experiments are planned, and participants may take part in one or both of these:

-          A set of 5 pointwise runs driven by observed surface fluxes, initialized with and benchmarked against observed subsurface profiles of temperature and density.

-          An all-Greenland run on a common 11 km grid driven by surface fluxes from a regional climate model. Initialization is performed through a spinup.


Please visit Here we describe for both of these experiments, the site/domain, the input data provided, the initialization procedure for the subsurface modeling, the requested output and the file formats.


The distributed input data and the collected output data will be made available to all participants. We aim to make a journal publication out of the results with all participants as co-authors.


Output from your experiments should be submitted by Sep 1 2018. If you are unable to make this deadline, let us know and we can try and work something out.


Please indicate as soon as possible if you wish to participate, and please let us know which of the experiments you want to take part in ([hidden email]).


All the best,

Peter Langen, Baptiste Vandecrux and the rest of the RETAIN team




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