First Circular: IGS British Branch Meeting, 15 - 17 Sept, 2010

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First Circular: IGS British Branch Meeting, 15 - 17 Sept, 2010

Dr Alun Hubbard
International Glaciology Society - British Branch Meeting:
Evening of Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th September, 2010.

Aberystwyth University's Centre for Glaciology is delighted to host
the 35th annual meeting of the IGS - British Branch.

The meeting will informally kick off on Wednesday evening with a wine
reception at IGES to celebrate a public lecture by Professor John Glen -
"Sixty years in glaciology".

The meeting will formally commence at 10am, Thursday and will close
after lunch, Friday 17th to allow sufficient travel time home from

Details, including information on registration, presentations, abstract
submission, accommodation, dinner & funding assistance for students can
be found at:

The deadline for abstracts and registration is Monday, 30th August, 2010.

Registration costs £30 (£20 for students/unwaged) & delegates are encouraged
to attend the annual dinner which includes an adventurous train ride (up &
down!), a 3-course meal and wine, and is very reasonably priced at £30
(£25).  Prof Martyn Tranter will be rounding up the year's cryospheric
activities & a late bar with cask ales will be provided.

As always, presentations are welcome on all aspects of snow and ice
research. We particularly encourage all students and any research visitors
to the UK to come along & present their findings.

We look forward to seeing you in Aberystwyth this September.  Get your
registration & abstracts in now to avoid that 9am -  Friday morning - slot.

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Two sessions on the biogeochemistry of the cryosphere at the Fall AGU.

Martyn Tranter
Could I draw your attention to the following sessions (B24 and B25) in the
Fall Meeting of the AGU
San Francisco, 13-17 December, 2010. Please consider submitting an abstract
to either. The convenors are and will be liaising to maximise the impact and
continuity of these two inter-linked sessions. We are very hopeful of two
exciting sessions given the current high interest in the general field of
the biogeochemistry and biogeochemical cycling of the cryosphere. The recent
suite of high profile papers that have been published in journals such as
Science, Nature and Nature GeoSciences augers well for exciting state-of-the
science sessions. Abstracts should be submitted by August 27th (Members) or
2nd September (non-Members, and more expensive). We look forward to hearing
from you.

B24: Cryospheric Biogeochemistry - Microbially Mediated Processes Within
Ice, Water and Till.
Conveners: Martyn Tranter (University of Bristol;
[hidden email]) and
John Priscu (Montana State University; [hidden email])
Description: There is increasing realization that microbial processes occur
on the surface, within and beneath glaciers and ice sheets. Cryoconite holes
are oases of biological activity on glacier surfaces, microorganisms survive
the journey from surface snow through to the bed of the Antarctic and
Greenland Ice Sheets, and most subglacial aquatic environments are colonized
by microorganisms, which span the range of REDOX conditions from fully
oxygenated to fully anoxic. The state-of-the-science revolves around how
microbial processes map onto the diverse range of cryospheric aquatic
environments, from ice veins to channels and lakes, and the impact that they
have on glacial water and gas geochemistry.

B25: Biogeochemical Cycling in Glacial Ecosystems
Conveners: Eran Hood (University of Alaska Southeast;
[hidden email]),    Diana Nemergut (Virginia Tech;
[hidden email]) and
Durelle Scott (Virginia Tech; [hidden email])
Description: Despite the fact that glacial ecosystems in many regions are
being rapidly altered by climate change, relatively little is known about
their biogeochemical dynamics. Here we seek contributions that address
biogeochemical cycling along the glacial continuum; from glacial ice to
sub-glacial and recently deglaciated soils to pro-glacial streams and
rivers. In particular, we are interested in research that provides new
insights into the biogeochemical functioning of glacier ecosystems and how
they may be impacted by continued climate warming. We intend for this
session to bring together research on terrestrial, glacial, and aquatic
biogeochemistry within glacial ecosystems.

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