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For US-based scientists: Sign letter TODAY for Arctic Ambassador ask

Twila Moon-3
Dear colleagues -

Several Arctic scientists, including myself, have prepared an open letter calling for an Arctic Ambassador with climate strengths to be appointed to the Arctic Council. We believe this will raise the profile of Arctic research within the global climate change conversation, and generally increase U.S. engagement on international Arctic climate issues. The US has not had a high level representation on the Arctic Council since the departure of Admiral Robert J.Papp at the end of the Obama Administration. All other Arctic Council representatives are not just ambassadors, but highly senior. For example, Sweden's last was previously ambassador to the U.S.; Russia once had a special former arms control ambassador who had also served as their number 2 in China; even the EC, France, Italy and Switzerland as Observers have "Arctic Ambassadors”.

We are seeking signatures from all interested scientists (graduate student level and above) at U.S.-affiliated institutions. We have good reason to believe that a strong showing of support can influence this change. All details are in the form and signatures are in a personal capacity. 

We hope you will consider signing on and sharing.
***The deadline to join before the letter is sent to the Biden-Harris administration is today, Tuesday, at midnight PST.***
All the best,
Twila Moon

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Twila Moon, PhD
National Snow and Ice Data Center
University of Colorado

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