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Four year scientific programmer position

Einar Ólason
Dear all,

The Nansen Center in Bergen, Norway (NERSC) is looking for a scientific programmer to fill an open position. This is a four-year full-time positionin the sea-ice modelling group at the Center.

The position depends primarily on international funding received to improve code structure and performance of the neXtSIM sea-ice model, in addition to other ongoing national and international projects. The neXtSIM model is unique, both in terms of physics and numerics. It is also written in C++, taking advantage of the language's object orientation in various parts of the code. While the model has been under development at NERSC for over five years, the upcoming work aims to reshape and rewrite the code to make it cleaner, more efficient, more flexible, and easier to maintain. As such, it offers a unique opportunity to influence the design of a geophysical model.The successful applicant will work on improving the code structure and computational performance of neXtSIM, as well as working on the build system and auxiliary routines. This work includes taking further advantage of the code's object-orientation to decrease complexity and reduce repetitions, improve the flexibility of the build system to ease installation on different HPC architectures, and general profiling and performance enhancements of the code. Performance enhancements may include work on porting the code to run on GPUs, depending on the applicant's abilities and interests. The main objective of this work is to make neXtSIM ready to be coupled to a global climate model and to be released publicly.



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