Free online course about Antarctic geology and history starts 15 April

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Free online course about Antarctic geology and history starts 15 April

Hanne Nielsen

Victoria University of Wellington’s debut MOOC, Antarctica: From Geology to Human History, launches the 15th of April on the edX open education platform.




This virtual field trip to Antarctica is a free, five week course that will let you learn about and explore more than 500 million years of geological history and 250 years of geographical discovery and scientific endeavour on the coldest, driest, windiest continent on Earth.


Sign up for Antarctica: From Geology to Human History now!


With support from Antarctica New Zealand, Dr Rebecca Priestley and Dr Cliff Atkins visited Antarctica in 2014 to film lectures on location on Ross Island, in the McMurdo Dry Valleys and the Transantarctic Mountains.


Rebecca Priestley, a science historian and writer, visits historically important places and talks to some of the people who are part of shaping today's Antarctica. Cliff Atkins, an Antarctic veteran with 12 seasons on the ice, introduces some of the planet’s most remarkable landscapes and the stories they tell about the past and future of the world's climate. 


The course is available through the edX platform—a non-profit, open education platform founded by Harvard and MIT. Enrolments are open now. Sign up and we will see you in Antarctica on April the 15th!



Dr Rebecca Priestley
Science in Society / Faculty of Science / Victoria University of Wellington 
AM203 / Phone: +64-4-4635233 x 7134 


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