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Regine Hock-2
Dear colleagues,

a quick update about the relatively new fully open access journal "Frontiers in Earth Sciences" - Cryospheric Section, which targets any aspect of the Cryosphere including glaciers, ice sheets, sea/lake/river ice and permafrost.

Since its launch 2 years ago 52 papers have been published and almost a dozen are currently in review (
On average, the time between first submission and acceptance (when the paper instantaneously is available online) has been less than 4 months on average, and less than 3 months in most cases.

Note that Special issues (so-called 'Research Topics') can be initiated by anybody (Special issues have 25% lower fees). The first research Research Topic on Firn Processes on Ice Sheets and Glaciers was recently completed including >10 articles. 
A Research Topic on Glaciers in Patagonia and another one on Sea-Ice are currently open for submissions.

We are looking forward to further submissions as well as suggestions for Research Topics.

Regine Hock
Chief Editor, Frontiers in Earth Science - Cryospheric Sciences
on behalf of the Editorial team 
(Tim Bartholomaus, Annett Bartsch, Matthias Braun, Christian Hauck, Martin Hoelze, Alun Hubbard, Matthias Huss, Jennifer Hutchings, Michael Lehning, Andrew Mahoney, Maurine Montagnat, Francisco Navarro, Felix Fg, Christoph Schneider, Thomas Schuler, Shin Sugiyama, Paul Vallelonga)

P.S. Selected features of the journal include:
- A wide range of article types are possible
- Submitted or rejected papers are not online at any time.
- An innovative online review system enabling direct discussions between authors, editors and reviewers
- innovative system of impact metrics
- Fees are independent of number of pages or use of color, depending only on the article type.
- COPYRIGHT is retained with the authors. 
- Currently there are 17 Associate Editors covering the breadth of cryospheric sciences, and >150 so-called 'Review Editors' who constitute a pool of primary 'go-to reviewers'.

Regine Hock
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska
903 Koyukuk Dr.
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7320
ph: 907 - 474 7691
fax: 907 - 474 5882
[hidden email]

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