Fully-funded PhD studentship University of Brighton: ‘Reconstructing glaciation in the Kola Peninsula, Arctic Russia’

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Fully-funded PhD studentship University of Brighton: ‘Reconstructing glaciation in the Kola Peninsula, Arctic Russia’

Lorna Linch

Please would you be able to post the advert below? Many thanks.


Fully-funded PhD studentship University of Brighton: ‘Reconstructing glaciation in the Kola Peninsula, Arctic Russia’

Closing date: 5pm 13th March

Ice sheets and glaciers are key components of the Earth System and are highly sensitive to climate changes. Understanding the processes and behaviour of ice masses is fundamental to deciphering their response to, and role in, past and future climate changes and sea-level fluctuations. Examining contemporary ice sheets is difficult, mainly due to the challenges of accessing the subglacial environment. However, formerly glaciated environments provide key analogues for understanding contemporary glaciation/deglaciation, as geomorphological mapping, sedimentology and chronology provide a means of reconstructing ice-mass behaviour.

To further understand ice-mass behaviour and to reconstruct patterns of ice sheet retreat, this PhD research will evaluate and constrain the regional style, extent and timing of deglaciation in the previously glaciated landscape of the Kola Peninsula, with particular focus on the Khibiny Mountains, Arctic Russia (near the Russian/Finland border), during the Last Glacial Interglacial Transition (LGIT). This will be achieved by: (i) assessing the LGIT geomorphological signature of the study area through the production of a detailed glacial geomorphological map; (ii) examining the macro- and micro-scale sedimentology of glacial landforms and sedimentary deposits in and around the Khibiny Mountains and more widely in the Peninsula, to better understand processes involved in deposition; and (iii) constraining the deglaciation dynamics through relative (morphostratigraphy) and numerical age estimates (radiocarbon dating). The outputs of this project will be of interest to the palaeo-glaciological and modelling communities.

We invite applications for a funded PhD studentship to join the Past Human and Environment Dynamics Research Group at the University of Brighton. The PhD candidate will lead and shape this research project under the guidance and direction of the supervisory team. The candidate will undertake at least four to six weeks field work and analyses in the Kola Peninsula and Khibiny Mountains (years 1 and 2) in addition to laboratory work in Brighton and Russia. The ideal candidate will have experience in two or more of the following: glacial reconstruction, geomorphological mapping, sedimentology and micromorphology. Fluency in the Russian language is desirable, but not essential.


Project supervisors:

Dr Lorna Linch (University of Brighton)

Professor David Nash (University of Brighton)

Dr Danni Pearce (University of Hertfordshire)


Other collaborators:

Professor Vasili Kolka (Kola Science Centre, Russia)


Full details on the project and application procedures are below:




Best wishes,


Dr Lorna Linch

Senior Lecturer in Earth Science

University of Brighton

School of Environment and Technology

Lewes Road

Brighton BN2 4GJ


Email: [hidden email]

Web: http://www.brighton.ac.uk/set/contact/details.php?uid=ll143

Twitter: @LornaLinch




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