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Storrar, Robert

Dear Cryolist,


We are currently advertising for a fully-funded PhD Studentship/Graduate Teaching Assistant at Sheffield Hallam University:


Holocene climate and environmental change in SE Iceland. 


Duration: 3.5 years; Bursary £15009 per annum; Closing date for applications: 12 noon 25th July 2019.


Iceland is located in a critically important region for the climate of the northern hemisphere. Its location means that Icelandic climate is strongly influenced by circulation in the North Atlantic Ocean, which is highly sensitive to change and has the potential to act as a trigger for abrupt climate change. Despite SE Iceland being the focus of a large amount of research into glacier fluctuations since the Little Ice Age (which ended around 1890), surprisingly little is known about the climate of SE Iceland prior to this time.


This project will use multiproxy analysis of lake cores and glacial geomorphology to produce new reconciled records of Icelandic climate stretching back beyond modern records, which will be used to refine our understanding of ocean circulation in the North Atlantic, and potential sensitivities to rapid change.


The successful candidate will use established techniques such as Chironomid-based transfer functions, tephrochronology and radiocarbon dating to produce climate records from a number of high altitude lake basins in SE Iceland. Alongside these climate records, glacial geomorphological research of some of the key outlet glaciers in SE Iceland will be undertaken, to understand the interactions between climate changes and glacier response. Together, these strands will produce robust new records of the climate of SE Iceland stretching back past the instrumental record.


The project will be supervised by Dr Naomi Holmes, Dr Rob Storrar and Dr Jon Bridge.


Please contact Dr Naomi Holmes ([hidden email] ) or Dr Rob Storrar ([hidden email] ) for further information.


Thank you,






Dr Rob Storrar

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography


Department of the Natural and Built Environment

Sheffield Hallam University 

Howard Street


S1 1WB


0114 225 2798



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