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Dear Cryolist,
I've got some good news and a few requests.
The good news is that last week I got an award letter from NSF funding a substantial part of a data rescue project to make high resolution photogrammetric-quality scans of the USGS' North American Glacier photography collection at UAF, featuring approximately 100,000 large format negatives (still on 7"-9" rolls) taken from roughly 1960-1995 primarily by Austin Post, Larry Mayo, and Bob Krimmel.  My thanks to all of you who helped me demonstrate community support for the project, as well as to those who had the vision and nerve to acquire the photos in the first place.  When I told Austin about the award, he modestly said that most of his images probably weren't worth saving, but I think he's happy to know that there's good hope for new uses for the rest of them in the future. 
The requests:
- If you have imagery or data rescue efforts that might be related to this collection, please contact me directly if you'd like to coordinate further, I'm all for not duplicating any efforts.  And considering that I've never undertaken a project like this before, I'd be happy to hear from anyone that has related experiences or wisdom to share.
- If you've got a glacier project ongoing now that might have need of some of this imagery, I'm happy to prioritize.  Given that my summer field work is starting up soon and the photogrammetric scanner has some lead time to acquire, I doubt I'll make much progress before fall.  In any case, I plan on sharing everything in near real-time, and I'll send out a link once I've got that figured out and am making progress.
I included an older email below that has links to related existing resources I knew of 16 months ago shortly before I submitted the proposal; I haven't tracked progress or thought much about the project since then until last week...
Matt Nolan
Research Associate Professor
University of Alaska Fairbanks
525 Duckering Bldg
Fairbanks, AK 99775
907 455 6288
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From: "Matt Nolan" <[hidden email]>
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 9:11 PM
Subject: [CRYOLIST] thanks, and more info

> All,

> Just wanted to say thanks for all of the encouraging emails today, already
> received 40 or so!  I guess I was wrong on dates, the budget was due today
> but still have a few more days for the text...
> Since there was so much interest, I thought I'd share what I know about how
> to get more info about ongoing rescue and distribution efforts and what
> resources are currently available.
> - UAF Geodata Center.  Housed here are perhaps 100,000 negatives, still on
> rolls in their cans.  This is the negative collection I was proposing to
> sort through and scan (up to perhaps 30,000 or so as part of a phase one
> project).  You can browse a subset of thumbnails here
> http://www.gi.alaska.edu/cgi-bin/gdftp/imageFolio.cgi?direct=North_American_Glaciers_-_Ice_and_Climate_Photography
> (erroneously labeled as the Ice and Climate Project, which was something
> else entirely within USGS, and demonstrating some of the confusion
> surrounding this collection).  You can find many of Austin's trip notes
> there as well.  I believe these thumbnails were scanned from a large roll of
> 35mm backups of the large format originals.  You can find a spreadsheet with
> about 60,000 image entries of metadata here
> http://www.drmattnolan.org/photography/2010/post/DB-fullcopy.xls .   Contact
> Rebecca Sanches for more info [hidden email]
> - NSIDC.  Housed here is a large roll of 35mm backups of the originals,
> about 13,000 or so.  These have been scanned and are in the process of being
> put online; these are the same I think as online at UAF, but I'm not sure.
> Here is also about 74,000 images on 16mm microfilm.  These have been scanned
> but have not yet been sorted, metadata created, etc. These are great for web
> searching, but most are marginal at best for any scientific or publication
> use, but many ok for presentations.  There are also a few thousand contact
> prints there, as yet unscanned I believe.
> http://nsidc.org/cgi-bin/glacier_photos/glacier_photo_search.pl  Contact
> Allaina Wallace for more info. [hidden email]
> - UW Library.  Here is a quantity (unknown to me) of full sized prints in
> great quality.  Over a thousand of these have been scanned and are online
> here.
> http://content-dev.lib.washington.edu/cdm4/browse.php?CISOROOT=%2Fepic-temp
> I only found out about this collection today, through cryolist.  Contact
> Nicolette Bromberg for more info.  [hidden email]
> - Austin Post.  Austin's email address is  [hidden email]  .  I'm
> sure he would love to hear of your interests in his work, and he is a great
> resource of information.  I should mention too that Bob Krimmel and Larry
> Mayo and others at USGS also have made substantial contributions to this
> collection.
> The overlap between these collections is as yet unknown to me, and I think
> to anyone else, but an important aspect of the proposal to me is simply
> trying sort this sort of thing out, and at worst prevent duplication of
> effort and at best help with coordination of effort; I think this alone is
> no minor job.  Then wade through it all with a glaciologist's eye, sort them
> into what seems most useful in the long term for direct use, scanning these
> at digital photogrammetric quality, and repeating what I can with new
> imagery at hopefully something approaching the original quality.
> Anyway, thanks again!
> Cheers,
> Matt
> PS  What a great resource cryolist is!

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