Fwd: Launch of CNARC Fellowship Program for Year 2019-2020 and CNARC Recruitment Notice

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Fwd: Launch of CNARC Fellowship Program for Year 2019-2020 and CNARC Recruitment Notice

Matthias Siewert

Dear Representatives of CNARC Member Institutes, Dear Colleagues,

With the successful operations of CNARC fellowship program for the past five years, CNARC Secretariat is about to launch its Fellowship Program for Year 2019 – 2020. In this new round of application, fellowships shall be granted to 2 Nordic and 2 Chinese fellow candidates respectively, to advance their own research project that falls on CNARC’s research priorities or the themes of the 8th China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium (CNACS) to be held in Umea in 2020, for a 1-2 month period in an institute within CNARC’s network. It is highly appreciated if you could circulate and recommend this opportunity to any research fellows or young scholars in your respective academic network, who might have an interest for such a program. To note that fellow candidates are supposed to submit their application no later than Oct 15th , 2019 along with a recommendation letter from a CNARC Member Institute to [hidden email]. Successful candidates shall choose to conduct the fellowship during the following period: December 1st 2019– June 30th 2020.

  Also, CNARC is seeking an experienced professional as Secretary-General of the organization(Nordic national). This position involves close liaison and coordination with CNARC’s member institutes as well as the Nordic embassies and consulates based in Shanghai and Beijing. Enquiries and application to Dr. DENG Beixi at [hidden email] and the closing date for the application is October 15th,2019.

 More details related to the guideline, requirements, application form and contact information will be found in the documents attached.

 Thank you for your efforts and best regards,

 LIU Han


Relevant to researchers associated with:

Nordic member institutes:

    Arctic Center, University of Lapland (Finland)
    Fridtjof Nansen Institute (Norway)
    Icelandic Center for Research (Iceland)
    Nord University
    Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (Denmark)
    Norwegian Polar Institute (Norway)
    Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (Sweden)
    The Arctic University of Norway - UiT (Norway)
    The University of Akureyri (Iceland)

Chinese member institutes:

    Dalian Maritime University
    Ocean University of China
    Polar Research Institute of China
    Shanghai Institutes for International Studies
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Shanghai Ocean University
    South China Business College
    Tongji University

Matthias B. Siewert
Doctor of philosophy
Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Ecology and Environmental Science
Umeå University - Sweden - E-mail: [hidden email]
ResearchGate Profile
Selected research articles:

Landscape controls and vertical variability of SOC in permafrost: Full text Catena
Mapping permafrost carbon using machine learning: Open access Biogeosciences
Carbon storage of Siberian tundra and taiga ecosystems: Full text JGR:Biogeosciences
Arctic rockwall retreat rates: Fulltext ESPL
Frozen-Ground Cartoons: A collaboration between artists and scientists
Permafrost soil sampling: Time-lapse video
Black and White landscape photography: selected pictures

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CNARCfellowshiprogram 2019-20.docx (45K) Download Attachment
CNARC Fellowship Application Form.docx (58K) Download Attachment
CNARC Recruitment Notice.pdf (70K) Download Attachment