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Fwd: post-doc position in Ecology at Umeå University

Matthias Siewert

On 2019-03-31 15:45, Johan Olofsson wrote:

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher in ecology at Umeå University, Sweden, that will work with integration of data from modern ecological experiments with molecular genetic paleo-data and statistical modelling to evaluate the stability of biotic interactions through time and space.  The project is a part of the Biodiversa project “Future ArcTic Ecosystems (FATE): drivers of diversity and future scenarios from ethno-ecology, contemporary ecology and ancient DNA”. The deadline for applications is April 9, 2019 and the position is expected to start in June 1, 2019 or according to agreement.

Johan Olofsson

For more details about the position see the following link:


Matthias B. Siewert
Doctor of philosophy
Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Ecology and Environmental Science
Umeå University - Sweden - E-mail: [hidden email]
ResearchGate Profile
Selected research articles:
Mapping permafrost carbon using machine learning: Open access Biogeosciences
Carbon storage of Siberian tundra and taiga ecosystems: Full text JGR:Biogeosciences
Landscape controls and vertical variability of SOC in permafrost: Full text Catena
Arctic rockwall retreat rates: Fulltext ESPL
Frozen-Ground Cartoons: A collaboration between artists and scientists
Permafrost soil sampling: Time-lapse video
Black and White landscape photography: selected pictures

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