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Allen Pope
For anybody who writes their own code, develops their own software, or works with people who do, this may be of interest.


Software Sustainability Collaborations Workshop 2013

21-22 March 2013, Merton College, Oxford

The Software Sustainability Institute is running its annual
Collaborations Workshop (CW13) at Merton College, Oxford.  This
workshop brings together researchers, software developers, managers,
funders and more to explore ideas in software pertinent to their
research and exploit any synergies that may lead to interdisciplinary

Last year's workshop (CW12), also held in Oxford, was attended by
researchers, developers, managers, funders and some independent
developers was a great success. An article on the workshop
can be found in the Ariadne magazine:


This workshop will give you an opportunity to meet and network with
fellow researchers, learn more about the Software Sustainability
Institute and how they may be of help to make you more productive in
your research. It will give you an opportunity to network with other
researchers and developers that may lead to new collaborations being


Amongst the attendees will be most of the new Institute


To find out more and register for the Software Sustainability
Institute's Collaborations Workshop 2013 please go to:


Places are going fast so please try to register early.

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