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GWF PhD Excellence Scholarships

Dumanski, Stacey

Dear Colleagues,


The Global Institute for Water Security welcomes first-time PhD candidates at the University of Saskatchewan to apply for the Global Water Futures (GWF) PhD Excellence Scholarships. This entrance scholarship is offered to students who have outstanding academic records, show research promise, and haves exceptional communication, interpersonal and leadership abilities. The proposed PhD research program should be in alignment with at least one of the GIWS themes and/or GWF research areas, under the supervision of a faculty member of the Global Institute for Water Security.


Award Value: At least 10 awards valued each at $45,000 per year (up to 3 years).

Eligibility: Canadian and international students entering a PhD program for the first time at the University of Saskatchewan with an entrance GPA of at least 85% (or equivalent)

Selection Criteria: Academic achievements (30%), research potential (50%), communication, interpersonal and leadership qualities (20%)

Application Process: Send application package consisting of a statement of purpose, curriculum vitae, letter of support from supervisor and three letters of recommendation to Phani Adapa ([hidden email])

Deadlines: For January 2018 intake, applications <a dir="ltr" href="outlook-data-detector://2" x-apple-data-detectors="true" x-apple-data-detectors-type="calendar-event" x-apple-data-detectors-result="2" style="-webkit-touch-callout: none;">due September 15, 2017; For September 2018 intake, applications <a dir="ltr" href="outlook-data-detector://3" x-apple-data-detectors="true" x-apple-data-detectors-type="calendar-event" x-apple-data-detectors-result="3" style="-webkit-touch-callout: none;">due February 15, 2018.


For more information on the GWF PhD Excellence Scholarship, please visit


Kind Regards,


Phani Adapa, PhD, PEng

Assistant Director, GIWS

Director of Operations, GWF

National Hydrology Research Centre

11 Innovation Blvd, Saskatoon, SK S7N 3H5

Phone: <a dir="ltr" href="tel:306-966-2271" x-apple-data-detectors="true" x-apple-data-detectors-type="telephone" x-apple-data-detectors-result="6/2">306-966-2271; Email: [hidden email]

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